About Ole Wolf

Ole Wolf holds an M. Sc. in electrical engineering from Aalborg University in 1996 where he received top marks for his masters thesis on applied digital signal processing (DSP) and its implementation in embedded systems. Throughout his career, Ole has worked as a developer and a project manager, and is an expert in optimization of business processes and IT security according to business and legal standards.

In parallel with his professional employment, Ole has been an external lecturer at Aalborg University and supervisor for an array of thesis students. In addition, Ole has been an adviser for the Danish Defense on software architecture and Enterprise Architecture.

His career was kickstarted with a three year stay in Silicon Valley where he analyzed a wide lineup of DSP and general-purpose processors and coded in optimized assembly language in order to benchmark their strengths and weaknesses in compute-intensive applications. These analyses were accompanied by numerous industry reports and several articles. Since then, Ole has developed software in C, C++, C#, Python, Perl, and PHP—mostly for embedded systems.

Ole has been a Windows user since 1991 and a Linux user, administrator, and developer since 2002. Ole holds a black belt in martial arts and has given classes in self-defence. His hobbies include photography, electronics, and beer brewing.

Ole is currently a senior consultant at a Danish consultancy. Resume available on request.